Best Face Mask For Men – Review And Buying Guide For You

You may think that you do not need skincare as a man. But, only when you are past a certain age, you notice the skin of your face and regret the time you wasted not caring for it. If you are concerned about those who discourage you from using face masks or any other skincare product, they won’t have a solution for your aging, devastating skin.

Therefore, you better start caring for your skin right now. There are many products you can apply to your skin, and one uncommon one is a face mask. For example, if you want to relax a bit after spending a rough day at work, you can apply a face mask on your face to clean your skin, nourish it, and also soothe you down.

Using the wrong face mask could cause a bit of damage- if not, the damage can be a waste of money. Therefore, you have to put in some effort in understanding face masks and finding the right one for you. This brings us to the buying guide for the best face mask for men and a few of the best reviews.

Best Face Mask For Men: The Reviews

Pure Biology Premium Bentonite Clay Mask 

If you are looking for a mask that will not only clean but leaves your skin soft and hydrated, then this Pure Biology Bentonite Classy mask may be the one for you. Apparently, it has two kinds of clay that reach deep into the pores and exfoliate and clean your skin.

Furthermore, this mask has Retinol, Collagen, Vitamins C, B, E, and natural Alpha Hydroxy acids. These all together help soothe your skin down, freshen it up, and finally make it soft and hydrated. You will love how your skin feels after you have used this mask.

But, this mask may not be an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin. Because it can sting a bit. Otherwise, it offers good value for the price it comes at.


  • It cleans the pores and facial skin really well.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe the skin.
  • Good value for the money.
  • It hydrates the skin as well.
  • An excellent choice for oily skin.


  • It may sting people with sensitive skin.


Want a gel mask that will fully deliver what it contains to your skin? Then, this Hydro Gel mask may be what you are looking for. Apparently, hydrogel clings to the skin and dries out on it. Therefore, it both cleans your skin and leaves it hydrated with all it has.

These masks may do well if you have dry or normal skin and need hydration but do not want greasy skin. Apparently, it has ingredients like Vitamin B3, collagen, green tea, licorice root, ginger, etc. All these together provide your skin with hydration and also anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it soothes your skin and makes it look plump.

The only thing you may not like about it is challenging to put on. It may seem a bit expensive too.


  • Great for both normal and dry skin.
  • It hydrates your face skin really well and does not make it greasy.
  • It deals with acne, inflammations, and wrinkles well.
  • The hydrogel clings to the skin well.


  • It may be a bit expensive.
  • Not very easy to apply.

MenScience Androceuticals Facial Cleansing Mask

You cannot use everything on oily skin even though it also needs moisture. In fact, this MenScience Androceuticals facial cleaning mask is a great choice for oily skin. Why? Because it does its job of cleaning your skin, the pores, and detoxifying it. However, in the process, it does not leave your skin stripped off everything essential, nor does it make your skin too oily.

The main ingredients of this face mask are clay and green tea. While clay does an excellent job cleaning, green tea soothes your skin with antioxidants and hydrates it without the greasy feeling.

The only thing you may not like about this product is that it is expensive. But, unfortunately, you do not get much for the price.


  • It is a good choice for oily skin.
  • The mask cleans the pores really well.
  • It leaves your face smooth with hydration and antioxidants.
  • Easy to apply and take off.


  • A bit expensive despite having nothing special.

Urth Skin Solutions for Men Botanical Resurfacing Mask

If you expose your skin to a lot of pollutants, then you need a mask that cleans your skin really well. However, it has to leave your face a bit moisturized as well. This Urth Skin Resurfacing mask helps clean your skin deeply with the minerals in it.

Furthermore, it has a lot of natural ingredients, including chamomile extract, Vitamin B5, C, and E, which work together to bring your skin back to life after it has been detoxified. Therefore, it is a good choice for people with oily skin.

However, if you have sensitive skin, it might cause acne breakouts. Also, as you know, minerals can be a bit rough on your skin. Other than that, this face mask offers good value for the money and makes your skin look plump and feel smooth.


  • It cleans the skin’s pores really well with the clay in it.
  • With the natural ingredients in it, it revitalizes the skin.
  • Good value and amount for the money.
  • A good choice for oily skin.
  • It can heal and soothe the skin.
  • Relatively easy to use.


  • Sensitive skin may face breakouts if this face mask does not suit it.

Alitura Clay Mask Organic Facial Treatment

Do you want to take total care of your face using a face mask? Then, this Alitura clay mask has it all. In fact, it cleans your skin, detoxifies it, soothes it, and leaves it smooth with hydration. Furthermore, the formula is entirely organic. Therefore, you can rely on it even if you have sensitive skin.

You will find the mask easy to apply and wash off if you follow the directions written on it. The price of the mask is quite reasonable as well, and a pack will last a while. However, you may not like the smell that this mask has. You may have no problem with the scent or dislike it, but you won’t like the smell.


  • It does everything for your skin- from cleansing to moisturizing.
  • A good choice for both sensitive skin and normal skin.
  • It cleans really well.
  • Good value for the money- lasts a while.
  • Easy to use.


  • The smell is not good.


If you want to give your skin a good cleanse, then this Majestic Pure Dead Sea mud mask may be the one you can use. Apparently, it has a high concentration of minerals and salts that work on your skin to clean out several things. Everything will be taken care of using this mask, starting from acne or blackheads to your pores.

Apart from that, this skin is more suitable for oily skin than dry. Because it dries out the skin a bit. You have to let it dry for a while. Also, you have to apply it carefully because applying it to sensitive areas can really sting your skin.

It offers good value for the price. However, you can only enjoy the benefits of this mud mask that suits your skin type.


  • The minerals and salts in it work well to clean your skin.
  • Every kind of impurity is dealt with well.
  • It is a good choice for oily skin.
  • Good value for the money.
  • Leaves your skin smooth.


  • It may dry out dry skin a bit too much.
  • It can sting if applied in the wrong place.

RUGGED & DAPPER Detox and Acne Face Mask for Men

Got oily skin that you want to clean but do not want to dry out? Then, you may try this Rugged & Dapper detox and Acne face mask. Apparently, this mask is excellent at detoxifying your skin with the kaolin clay in it. The clay really attaches to your skin and sucks the impurities out.

On top of that, this mask has aloe vera, grape seed oil, and spirulina, which tightens pores and keeps your skin hydrated. Apparently, it slows down the production of oil for your oily skin as well. This is why it is great for oily skin.

While it is reasonably priced, it may not suit all skin types. Apparently, some people experienced breakouts after using this mask. Apart from that, it has no smell.


  • It detoxifies skin really well.
  • The natural ingredients in it hydrate your skin without making it feel greasy.
  • It slows down oil production.
  • Good choice for oily skin.
  • Good value for the money.


  • Not suitable for all skin types- may cause breakouts.

Jart+ Rubber Mask Hydration Lover 

If you have dehydrated skin, you will need a face mask that hydrates your skin and keeps it that way. Apparently, this Dr.Jart+ Rubber face mask not only hydrates your skin but makes sure that the crucial nutrients in your skin stay within your skin.

In other words, it locks in the moisture as well. Therefore, you have to wash your face well before applying this rubber mask. It has a good blend of ingredients for hydration and locking hydration. However, it is expensive and may not have long-lasting effects.


  • It is pretty good at hydrating your skin.
  • The mask keeps the anti-aging nutrients locked in your skin.
  • Easy to apply.
  • It leaves your skin smooth and fresh.


  • Quite expensive.
  • No long-lasting benefits.

Brickell Men’s Purifying Charcoal Face Mask 

This is a face mask that wreaks havoc on the impurities and then leaves your skin tight and feeling smooth. Apparently, it has kaolin clay and activated charcoal, which detoxifies your skin and deals with acne, blackheads, and much more. Then with Vitamin E, it repairs damaged skin cells.

It proceeds to tighten your skin with DMAE and then hydrates your skin with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. So, you see, it does it all, and you can rely on the brand as well. But, it sure is expensive because of the brand name.


  • It cleans the skin really well.
  • Deals with several problems.
  • Tights and hydrates skin.
  • Reliable ingredients.


  • Quite expensive.

Best Face Mask for Men: The Buying Guide

You have to keep in mind a few factors when you are buying a face mask.

The Type Of Skin You Have 

You may not know your skin type but do not panic yet because it is effortless to find out! Just see which of these characteristics match your skin type, and you will find your skin type!

The Type Of Skin You Have

Normal Skin: If you are alright with how your skin behaves and feels, you probably have a normal skin type. In fact, this type of skin only reacts to weather conditions. It neither feels too oily nor too dry but just what you try to make it feel.

Oily Skin: Even though you washed your face a few hours ago, does your skin feel oily? It should give your skin a glow but a glow that you do not really like. In fact, it may make your face look drained, and applying products could cause acne breakouts.

Dry Skin: Does your skin feel tight, ashy, and rough very often? Even after applying a cream, does it start feeling dehydrated after a while? Then, you probably have dry skin; it may even get flaky at times.

Sensitive Skin: Do you think twice before applying any product on your skin because it tends to get rashes, red spots, itch, etc.? Then, you have sensitive skin that can’t handle everything very well.

Your skin type will play a vital role in determining which kind of face mask you need.

The Type Of Face Mask

Yes, apparently, there are some types of face masks based on their content and how you use them. Let’s get to know them.

The Type Of Face Mask

Clay Masks: The pores in your skin can have a lot of dirt in them, leading to more severe cases like acne if not cleaned. Apparently, clay masks are soft first, and you have to apply them so that they can reach deep into your pores. Then, when it dries up, you can peel it off along with the dirt. It is excellent at cleaning and rejuvenating your skin.

Cream masks: If you have dry skin, then a cream mask may be the right one for you. Apparently, these masks contain a lot of moisturizers in them. They hydrate your skin and lock the moisture in. As a result, it can help with wrinkles and looking younger. However, do not use it on oily skin as it can cause more harm than good.

Exfoliating Masks: Exfoliation means removing dead skin cells. The dead cells can clog up the new ones and prevent cells from growing properly. Exfoliating mass reaches down the pores and also removes the dead skin cells. As a result, your skin looks fresh, clean, and better.

Gel masks: These masks do not have much oil in them. In fact, they are best to use after exposing your skin to the sun. These masks are excellent at soothing and cooling your skin down. Furthermore, they may have collagen-boosting properties. This will help with collagen production and make your skin look younger. Gel masks may contain antioxidants too.

Mask Sheets: These are the most expensive type of face masks. They have serums in them to nourish your skin with the right ingredients. But, apparently, they mainly moisturize your skin and do not help with cleaning your skin.

Based on your skin type and preference, you have to choose among these face masks.

The Ingredients Of The Face Mask

You cannot just apply anything to your skin. Firstly, it is not safe, and secondly, it may not suit you. The ingredients in the face mask are in charge of everything. If you have a specific skin problem you want to address, you will need ingredients that address the issue. So let’s check out the various types of components.

The Ingredients Of The Face Mask

Activated Charcoal: If you want a face mask that not only cleans but also nourishes your skin before leaving, then activated charcoal as an ingredient will do great. Apparently, it deep cleanses and also nourishes. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for oily skin.

Antioxidants: There may be free radicals in your skin hampering the growth of your skin cells. Antioxidants keep them engaged and let your skin glow. As a result, this ingredient can both heal and restore the skin.

Collagen: It helps with boosting your skin vell division. As a result, your skin will look less aged with fewer wrinkles and lines. Great ingredient if you want to look young and fresh.

Moisturizers: If you have dry skin, then you need hydration. Ingredients like aloe vera, green tea, etc., work to hydrate your skin and keep it hydrated. So, moisturizing face masks are good choices for people with dry skin.

Essential Oils: If you have sensitive skin, you will want entirely natural ingredients. Essential oils like jojoba, tea tree, etc., help soothe your skin when you apply the face mask.

Minerals: If you want to give your skin a nice clean, then you can try mineral-based ingredients. Mud masks work well too. However, they may be too rough for sensitive skin.

Retinol is another ingredient that helps with aging skin. But, too much of it could cause the exact opposite.

The Amount Of The Face Mask

The Amount Of The Face Mask

If you want to get good value from buying the product, you should check how much of the mask you get for a specific price. Also, check how much you have to use at once. This will tell you how long the face mask will last.

Best Face Mask For Men: FAQs

How to apply the face mask?

Answer: the first thing you have to do is wash your face really well, not trap anything under the mask. Then, take a small amount of the mask and apply it evenly across your face- take as much as you need to cover your face. Then, leave it like that until it dries. Take it off once it’s dry.

Should I shave my face before a face mask?

Answer: Apply a face mask to freshly shaved skin. Be sure to wash your face and facial hair thoroughly, then pat dry for an even application that will moisturize and protect from environmental elements like heat or pollution! If you have short stubble, apply the gooey stuff on top but avoid getting any in your eyes.

In Conclusion

You need a face mask for many different reasons, and a suitable face mask can deal with every kind of problem you have with your skin. This is why you have to be careful when choosing a face mask. 

You have to select the right type for your skin with the right ingredients for the right price. The game will turn in your favor when you get a suitable face mask for you.

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