Does Size Matter In Bed? Know Amazing Facts!

You know, what is the most precious body part of all men. And for some of us, get seriously obsessed with the size and aesthetics of – yes, you call them penis! 

A study in 2018 by the University of Kentucky found that 45% percent of men wish their penis was bigger. 

No wonder, every so often, women hear this question from their partners – “What do you think about my little swimmers?”

But, does size matter in bed really? 

The short answer is – yes! But not in the way you might anticipate.

How Does Size Matter In Bed?

When it comes to sexual activity, penis size somewhat matters due to mental and physical aspects!

Yes, It Can Affect Your Game

how does size matter in bed - psychological reason

The ‘thought of penis size’ in mind can affect your performance more than the actual size does! So let me explain a bit.

Penis size is, of course, important. But if you focus too much on it and neglect all the other aspects like skillset to making someone happy, then your partner will be less satisfied — literally and figuratively!

Sometimes, folks with large size think big dick is all they need to rock someone’s world… And it turns out that isn’t quite true. So ultimately, the game becomes flop!

Worrying about a small dick can lead to men overcompensating in other ways, which may affect their partners’ enjoyment of the sex and make them feel less confident about themselves as well.

Big Penis Gives Vaginal Orgasm Easily

how does size matter in bed - physical reason

Size matters in bed for some women. Bigger penises provide them more pleasure during penetration than smaller males could – but this is not true with all vagina-havers.

A study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine on September 24, 2012, revealed how penis size may matter in bed physically.

The study found that women who experience frequent vaginal orgasms are more likely than others to say they climax easily with big dick men. However, women preferring penile-vaginal intercourse also reported the same, which researchers said is quite interesting!

Besides, it’s a well-known fact that most women prefer men with thicker penises, and has been concluded by some scientists who state “girth always comes ahead of length” when compared.

But this is only half of the story so far! Keep Reading. 

Too Big Is Not Necessarily Better

Too Big Is Not Necessarily Better

You might think that a more giant dick is the only thing you need to desire and worry about, but let me correct this misconception. 

A study by Planned Parenthood and Sexual Health Australia found out some interesting information about penises.

Length doesn’t matter as much when it comes to pleasure; however, an extra inch can make certain positions more painful or difficult.

A girthy penis is relatively pleasurable for partners. Still, the more girth a penis has, the higher risk for tearing during sex. Therefore, it’s important to remain careful when going into anal and oral penetrations with an extra thick penis as it can cause pain or even injury!

Smaller Is Not Really Bad

Smaller Is Not Really Bad

A smaller penis can be more easily handled, which means you and your partner are free to focus on pleasure rather than pain or trying to figure out how you’re gonna get that inside comfortably.

A smaller penis is just perfect if you know how to use it – well, let’s just say rectifying any perceived shortcomings by the right position would make everything feel much easier. And your partners are more comfortable with oral and anal sex because it won’t hurt.

Another exciting fact is that smaller penises get a harder erection quickly since less blood volume requires making it rock hard! 

Do Women Care About Your Size?

women do not care about size really

According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, women are more likely to have an orgasm if their partner has a certain penis size and which is just the average. 

The report said – while it’s true most women don’t care about penis size when they’re in bed together and having sex. 

Yes, there is indeed some evidence to suggest that larger penises give women better vaginal orgasms. Especially a group of women who are more likely than others to have frequent vaginal orgasms, like deep-penile vaginal stimulation. 

But the fact is, only 20% of women can achieve orgasm with penetration alone – so size isn’t everything after all.

The size which gives most satisfaction to ladies is about 5.2 inches long and 4.6 inches thick, so if you’re worried your junk isn’t big enough, don’t be!

There Is Nothing To Be Worry About Your Size

The truth is, most people with penises are convinced that their dicks are smaller than expected. However, a study shows that 85% of men overestimate the average dick size and desire a larger one!

Stamina Is More Important Than Size

Stamina is more vital to having great bedroom skills than naturally occurring size!

A bigger penis won’t guarantee to last longer or not cumming faster than what’s desired- which is vital for maintaining an enjoyable sex session with your partner!

Penis Size Has Nothing To Do With Fertility

If you’re thinking of becoming a father – don’t worry about size because it has nothing to do with fertility! 

Sperm is produced in your balls and not the penis. Plus, there’s evidence that stress can reduce sperm quality and affect fertility (and, by extension— sexual pleasure).

So, does testicle size matter

How To Maximize The Performance With Different Sizes

At the end of it all, size isn’t everything. As long as you know how to use tools in front of you and deliver their best performance, then who cares if your pecker is big or small? 

Here are some tips for maximizing the pleasure like never before:

When You Have A Massive One (> 6.5 Inches)

when your more endowed

If you have a huge penis, make sure your partner is super-aroused before penetration to help them handle it. Lots of lube will also be helpful in this case! 

Use your mouth, tongue, or fingers to tease a partner’s erogenous zones and focus on all of the usual sensitive spots like nipples and genitals.

If both of you are ready for sex, then positions that allow your partner more control over depth might work best.

Have them on your top – it’s the best position with a large machine!

Just remember not to use any really rough force when thrusting!

When You Are Less Endowed (<4.5 Inches)

when your less endowed

If you’re finding that the size of your penis is on the smaller side, making it somewhat difficult for deep penetration, try finding the right position.

I recommend going in the doggy style if you are less endowed!

The lower their head and chest while arching back into a more bendy position will allow for deeper penetrations!

If you have a thinner penis, make sure to choose positions that fit like gloves. This can be any sex position as long as your partner keeps their legs together and closed!

Missionary and face-down positions work best for a thin penis!

As always, though – try different things until something works best suited!

Don’t forget to try out-of-the-box things! For example, you can start off with oral sex, incorporate hands or toys to stimulate their clitoris/anus area to increase the pleasure and intensity of a clitoral or anal orgasm.

When You Are Average-Sized Guys (4.5 Inches – 6.5 Inches) 

when you are average endowed

About 80% of guys fall in this range! 

You’re such a Goldilocks, you know. You have chances to experiment like mad and fine-tune the positions that your partners enjoy most! As long as they are up for it, of course – don’t be shy about trying new things with some kinky twists too. 

If you’re average-sized, then anything goes – sex positions are all yours!

Sensation play using ice cubes, toys, or feathers can be great additions if you want to spice up ordinary positions, for example.

Wrapping Up

The way you handle your penis will determine if it’s good in bed – not the size!

Women do not care about your size, and it may be more vital for you to have stamina instead.

Moves and techniques that work for one person may be terrible on another, so figuring out what feels best can take some time but is well worth the effort!

But don’t worry too much about what might feel good because ultimately, satisfaction will come from both partners getting satisfied at their own pace (and means).

If you want help with your bedroom performance, don’t hesitate to ask our team of experts what they recommend – simply put a comment below!

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