Best Moisturiser For Foreskin – Our Top 10 Picks

I’m here to answer one of the most pressing questions out there: “What’s the best moisturiser for my foreskin?” I’ve been asked this question so many times, and it’s a legitimate question. 

The skin around your penis is delicate and needs just as much TLC as any other part of your body. With that in mind, I decided to research what men have said about their favorite products – from creams to lotions – find out which ones work well with foreskin, and share them with you!

Go ahead and get the best moisturiser for foreskin – keep reading!

Why Do I Need A Good Moisturiser For My Foreskin?

An old wives’ tale says you should never moisturize your face, but this couldn’t be more wrong. Instead, your face needs to stay hydrated to prevent wrinkles and dry skin patches. 

But what about the rest of your body? What about that flap of skin on your penis? The foreskin has a tendency to become dry and irritated due to its lack of exposure (to air). If you are neglecting to moisturize it, there are some points below for you.

Cracks On The Foreskin

No more crack with a foreskin moisturiser

Cracks and dryness of the foreskin are often caused by tight clothing that chafes against your penis. In some cases, dry skin or cracks on the foreskin can be relieved with over-the-counter (OTC) topical treatments. Refrain from all sexual activity for proper healing.

In certain circumstances, allergies may cause these problems, too, so try using an unscented moisturiser instead of soap whenever possible.

Doctors recommend avoiding harsh hygiene products such as body wash or soap because they contain drying agents. So use a suitable moisturiser.

Odor In The Boy

No more odor with a foreskin moisturiser

Smegma is a thick, white, sticky substance that can build up in the folds of skin around your penis. Over time, this buildup will cause an unpleasant smell. If you don’t want to deal with the embarrassment of having a funky crotch or stinky penis, then;

  • Clean yourself regularly (every day) both externally and internally by washing with soap and water.
  • Apply a topical cream for sensitive skin like Aloe Vera or Vitamin E oil on the area – I have compiled some of them in the list.


more pleasure with a foreskin moisturiser

The penis is a delicate piece of meat, and the endless stream of rough activities can really take its toll. 87% percent of guys experience some loss in sensitivity by age 39, which means it’s time to put down your phone, boys!

Sure, superficially, it may look like everything is working fine, but in reality, you’ve been gradually losing that sensitivity so subtlety.

But now there are solutions: penis care products like moisturisers work great!

Look Of The Manhood

It looks great with a foreskin moisturiser

The size of your penis doesn’t matter; what does matter is how it works. However, it is vital to take care of your manhood to keep it clean and pleasant looking. 

Washing with soap and water is enough to keep the skin clean, but if you want your manhood to look healthy and beautiful, you need a regular moisturizer routine. 

There are many types of products on the market that will help provide moisture for your penile skin from head to the shaft! 

10 Best Moisturiser For Foreskin

Best Moisturiser For Foreskin Review

Wick & Ström Advanced Penile Care Cream


  • Excellent for dry skin & cuts
  • Suitable for issues with foreskin 
  • Discrete packaging


  • Not for too sensitive glans

Wick & Ström Advanced Penile Care Moisturizer is a revolutionary dermatologist and urologist-approved moisturizer for men that helps treat penile skin issues. 

The formula contains the highest level of L-Arginine to help boost blood flow to the penis while hydrating and conditioning the skin to give you back your physical confidence.

Wick & Ström’s Advanced Penile Care Moisturizer formula is a one-stop solution for those who suffer from sensitivity, irritation, dryness, and chaffed penile skin. 

If you don’t have any penile health issues, you can use it yet – this cream will make your manhood even healthier!

This product can be used daily or as needed without the worry of adverse effects on condoms.

X-Lotion Penile Moisturizing Cream


  • Large bottle
  • Natural ingredients 
  • 60 days money-back warranty


  • Not good for elderly men

The skin on your penis can get pretty rough if you don’t take care of it properly. 

Reduced sensitivity of the penis not only makes it more difficult to achieve an erection but also can make sexual intercourse less pleasurable. 

The solution is X-Lotion Penile Moisturizing Cream! It is a penile moisturizing cream that restores the sensitivity of the penis and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. 

When applied three times per day, it instantly goes to work, healing dry and rough skin on both the head (glans) as well as along the shaft, making sex feel better!

Developed by a leading chemist, X-Lotion has been clinically proven to increase sensation and improve sexual performance. 

It’s also great for men experiencing common issues like irritation, itching, or burning after intercourse.

Man1 Man Oil Penile Health Cream


  • Fragrance-free
  • Increases sensitivity 
  • Reliable


  • Possible burning sensation 

Man1 Man Oil is the best way to soften rough skin and support healthy penis sensation. It contains quality moisturizers that promote hydration, soothe dryness, restore shine without greasy residue for a more sensual experience.

Man 1 Man Oil has been formulated with organic ingredients like shea butter to bring back moisture levels as well as amino acids, which help maintain softening of tough penile skin cells.

Most men lose sensation in their penis over time which is quite natural. Applying Man1 Man Oil Penile Health Cream to your manhood after showering or bathing once daily will give an overall rejuvenating effect. 

Apply as needed with gentle massaging until fully absorbed into the penis skin.

Do Me Premium Penile Health Cream


  • Good for aged penises
  • Natural ingredients
  • Easy-to-use squeeze tube


  • Irritates sometimes 

Prick Polish is a revolutionary product that offers an innovative solution to many men’s sexual health issues. 

It features ingredients that make the blood flow into the penis at a greater volume, leading to harder and bigger erections with increased sensitivity. 

It is designed to restore skin health, promote healthy tissue function, and improve penile appearance. 

The product contains 100% natural ingredients that effectively treat all symptoms associated with redness, chafing, dry skin, and itchiness.

Applying this cream can be both pleasurable for you because of its smooth texture on your skin as well as healthy since it will absorb without leaving anything behind messy or sticky!

Alpha Male Penile Health Cream


  • Chemical-free
  • Has healing properties
  • Makes skin smooth


  • Does not have l-arginine

Premium Penile Health Cream contains all-natural ingredients to make blood flow to your manhood easier. 

And you know, more blood means bigger and harder erections when needed for great sex! 

This health cream also tackles skin issues such as chafing, redness, or dryness with safe ingredients that are gentle on the penis without causing any harm.

The unique formula includes a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, including L-arginine HCL, maca root extract, ginseng extract, and more. 

This multipurpose cream can be used as a performance enhancement product or an everyday moisturizer. In addition, it helps to get rid of odor from smegma accumulation under the foreskin.

Signature Black Bottle Penile Health Cream


  • Suitable for normal & sensitive skin
  • Long-lasting bottle
  • Suitable for all age 


  • Not as easy to use as squeeze bottles

You deserve to have a healthy, happy penis. With this top-notch natural penile moisturizing cream and the medical professionals’ approval behind it, you’ll be well taken care of! 

So, if you are looking for a quality, moisturizing penile cream to deeply hydrate your skin and help relieve dryness or chaffing, then Signature Black Bottle is the product for you. 

This powerful blend of ingredients includes I-arginine, shea butter amino acids, and vitamins that work together to provide an unparalleled customer experience!

The unique formula of this cream comprises only pure ingredients that are perfect for your skin type, no matter what it may be. As a result, this product has all the potential to be the best moisturiser for foreskin. 

Gold Bond Men’s Everyday Essentials Lotion


  • Versatile
  • Moisturizing effect
  • Easy to use


  • Overwhelming scent

With Gold Bond Ultimate Men’s Essentials Everyday Hydrating Lotion, you get skin hydration with the best care and improved look. 

This hydrating lotion is specifically formulated for men’s skin that can be applied just once a day to provide up to 24-hour lasting hydration. 

You’ll love how it absorbs quickly into your body without leaving any greasy residue behind – 15 seconds max! 

It also comes in an easy-to-squeeze tube, so there isn’t as much mess when applying this dry lotion formula on sensitive areas like feet or intimate regions of the penis.

EXUM Natural Penile Skin Care


  • Natural ingredients
  • Sensitivity increaser
  • Suitable for all age


  • Small tube

What would happen if you didn’t take care of your penis? Here’s a hint: It wouldn’t be pretty! Fine lines, wrinkles, and dehydration can all result in an unattractive penis. 

Got problems staying hard or getting erections as often as before? These are just some of the symptoms that come with not properly caring for our penises. 

EXUM cream is specially formulated to moisturize sensitive skin on top while also promoting increased blood flow below the belt—resulting in more frequent erections and heightened sexual performance no matter what size it may be!

This product is made using a proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients like Vitamine E, L-Arginine, Tamanu seed oil, Apricot seed oil, Almond seed oil, Lavender oil, Coriander oil, Rose oil, etc.

You can now enjoy the benefits of EXUM without any more redness, irritation, dry skin, and chaffing – all while improving your penis’s appearance!

Male Re-Vitalize PLUS Oats Penile Health Relief Cream


  • Doesn’t stick or burn
  • Perfect for protection and rebuilding
  • Reasonable price
  • Well reputed for quality


  • It May contain a little gluten residue

Introducing Male Re-Vitalize PLUS Oats, the latest penile health relief cream innovation! This new and improved formula now contains oats’ proven soothing and restoration power, making it more effective than ever before. 

Pharmaceutical Scientist designed with super potent moisturizers, emollients, and humectants, it helps to hydrate, soothe, protect, and rebuild penile skin. 

The luxurious, slippery smooth lotion goes on like velvet, and your skin will drink in the moisture without any sticky residue. Male Re-Vitalize PLUS is perfect for those who need more protection and rebuilding. 

But there are things to remember – this is a powerful product that is not suitable for everyone. Because individual sensitivities are difficult to predict, test a small amount before using. If you are irritated in any way, it is not for you, and you will get your money back.

Bravado Labs Penile Health Cream


  • Functional and reliable
  • No animal testing
  • All-natural gradients
  • Good against chaffing


  • A little thicker than usual

Looking for a way to keep your manhood looking and feeling its best? Look no further than Bravado Labs Penile Health Cream! Made with only natural ingredients, this silky-smooth cream feels great on your skin and absorbs quickly, leaving your manhood hydrated and looking its best. 

Bravado Labs Penile Health Cream is a natural, 100% organic cream that helps heal and protect your penis. The cream is made of emollients, humectants, and moisturizers that hydrate and relieve discomfort. 

Penile blood flow is essential for a shaft to work at its best. Macadamia nut oil, almond oil, Brazil nut oil, hazelnut oil, pistachio oil, avocado oil, and pecan oil are all incorporated in this lotion to help with blood flow.

The formula aids in increased blood flow, leading to larger and harder erections with increased sensitivity. Plus, it comes with a 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee, so you can try it risk-free!

Wrapping Up

So what is the best moisturiser for the foreskin? And now you have the answer! I’m here to tell you that yes, there are lots of moisturisers out there for this area – some better than others. 

I suggest the  Wick & Ström Advanced Penile Care Cream or Man1 Man Oil Penile Health Cream, but everyone has different needs. So I hope you’ll pick yours rightly from the above list.

Finally, I wanna ask – what type of experience do you have using a moisturiser? Let me know in the comments below so we can chat about it more.

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