What Causes Dry Skin On The Penis? (Dry Flaky Skin Pubic Area Male)

Dry Skin On The Penis

The skin on a person’s penis is susceptible, and dry skin can be irritating. Dry skin on the penis can occur for various causes, including unlubricated intercourse or masturbation, chafing clothing, and the use of harsh soaps. Dry skin on the penis is seldom an indication of a sexually transmitted disease on its own. The … Read more

Best Soap For Uncircumcised Men – Cleanliness Gives Confidence

Best Soap For Uncircumcised Men

The other day, I was thinking about the importance of washing your manhood. It’s often neglected and forgotten, but it is important to use a soap that won’t dry out or irritate the skin on your penis. Soap will wash away any bacteria, which will reduce irritation and smells from sweat glands in this area … Read more