How To Get Bigger Balls? The Fact Is – It’s Actually Impossible

We stay in a culture that applauds men with big balls; on the ridiculous premise, having large testicles (or having testicles whatsoever) makes you a lot more masculine. 

That’s why people say things like “Grow a pair!” when someone is acting afraid or “That guy’s got balls!” to explain a guy that’s working bravely. 

Due to this, many guys wish they had larger testicles!

The testicles, also known as balls or gonads, are oval-shaped male sex glands. They hang behind the penis in a bag called the scrotum. Testicles are accountable for generating and saving sperms. 

They are also the producer of testosterone, the essential man hormone. 

Many guys have actually asked me about foods that boost the volume of the testicles. 

If you ask – how to get bigger balls? Trust me, there is no practical way for that! But you can focus on more important issues than just the size! Keep reading.

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Overview Of Human Testicles Size

Average Size Of testicle

No set of testicles is totally the same in size and shape as another. However, One testicle might be larger than the other, which is totally normal.

On average, a testicle is typically 1.8 to 2 inches long (about 4.5 to 5.1 centimeters.)

They are oval-shaped, and the average volume is approximately 2.0 x 1.2 x 0.8 inches (about 5 x 3 x 2 centimeters).

Testicles aren’t considered small unless they’re under 1.4 inches in length. 

Even if you do have smaller testicles, it makes a very insignificant distinction in your fertility. Much more notably, there’s no clinically tried and tested technique to increase your testicle size.

Testicles do expand temporarily during sex when blood is streaming to your genital areas. But, as soon as you have done, they return to the previous size.

Most importantly, several so-called successful methods for enhancing the size of your balls could be only rumors. They can cause much more harm than better. 

How To Get Bigger Balls? Is It Really Possible?

there is no scientifically proven method to enlarge your balls

No, unfortunately, there is no scientifically proven method to raise the size of your balls. 

Furthermore, the dimension of the testicles has little to no impact on their performance. Nonetheless, ensuring the healthiness of testicles is more vital. Some methods to do so are:

research study recommends that keeping a little colder temperature around your balls maintains them healthy & comfortable.

Studies also suggest that the intake of vitamin D and other fat-soluble vitamins in your diet boosts testosterone level & sperm generation.

Wearing comfortable underwear and permitting the cremasteric response to occur naturally in your scrotum.

Cremasteric response: It is a natural reflex of the scrotum to adjust with the temperature level. Balls hang a little lower every time the temperature around them rises. Researches found that tight underwears cause overheating leading to lower sperm production.

Cremasteric reflex

So, does the testicle size matter? You can read my article for detailed information about testicle size issues.

Only Surgery Can Alter The Shape Of The Scrotum – Not The Size

Cosmetic surgery procedures to tighten scrotum skin or make the sack look bigger are also coming to be a lot more popular practice nowadays. By surgical procedure, you can reshape your scrotum but cannot increase the size of the testicles.

However, the surgical procedure has side effects. As with any kind of surgical procedure, there’s a possibility of infection, injury, or cells death. In addition, adverse effects from anesthesia can consist of dizziness, sleepiness, or vomiting.

Exercises For A Larger Scrotum

no exercise can enlarge your balls

Many exercises tell you to tug on your scrotum skin (the sack that holds your testicles). But pulling hard your scrotum can damage skin, nerves, or veins. This can lead to extreme pain, soreness, and bleeding inside the scrotum.

So there is no such exercise that can do good to your balls.

Massage For A Larger Scrotum

message can actually harm your balls

Testicle Massage is additionally referred to as testicular holding.

Massaging, rubbing, pushing, or squeezing the testicles can be uncomfortable and agonizing if you do it hard. Injury or damage to the testicles can likewise impact sperm production.

Gentle messaging on balls can give you pleasure and some sort of comfort, but nothing more than that.

People typically perplex it as applicable for enlarged balls, but there is no valid evidence for that.

Testicle Weights

it may trigger scrotal cells damage

Testicle weights are devices guys can wear on their balls, available in various dimensions. Some may recommend it as a practical workout to raise balls’ size. But, this is not valid at all. 

Stretching is commonly practiced for penis extending, yet some tips out there state that hanging lightweight on your scrotum skin can help make your testicles look larger. Unfortunately, this has no prove on enlarging testicle size – instead, it may trigger scrotal cells damage.

Injections To Make The Scrotum Bigger

Injections for balls are dangerous

Botulinum toxin (Botox) injections can make your testicles look bigger. Unfortunately, without knowing the side effects, this practice is becoming more & more widespread today. But this is extremely dangerous!

Since it’s a neurotoxin, injecting Botox can cause long-lasting complications like blurred vision, difficulty swallowing & speaking, dizziness, fatigue, and in extreme cases, an uneven heartbeat.

Any Herbs To Enlarge Balls?

No! All-natural fruit, vegetables, and a balanced diet are always helpful for good reproductive health. But there is no natural herb to enlarge your balls. 

Moreover, a study report discusses some herbs that harm the male reproductive system. Right here are two such herbs you should stay clear of consuming:

Neem For Testicular Growth

Research study equates neem with antifertility. When taken in routinely, the natural herb damages seminiferous tubules situated within testes. These tubules consist of Sertoli cells that assist in the production of sperm.

Gossypol For Testicular Growth

According to a research study, gossypol generates negative results on testis function. In addition, it also impacts genetic functions related to scrotum development.

Foods To Get Bigger Balls

Some animal-based research studies recommend that specific foods, such as garlic and foods rich in B vitamins, improve testicular wellness.

But no foods have actually been straight connected to boosting testicle size. But some foods are said to help in enlarging scrotums; such as: 

Vanilla Flavoured Yogurt for Bigger Balls

According to a research study performed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, yogurt is an excellent food for testicular health. In addition, its consumption was believed to aid in growing more giant balls.  

However, this research study has just been performed on animals only. But no objective proof was found on human beings.

Whole Grain Cereals For Bigger Balls

Again, these foods keep the health and wellness of testes; no research studies declare that they will surely increase the scrotum size. These are just foods great for testicular health.

Charting out a diet regimen of healthy testicle food such as beans, nuts, entire grain cereals, and fruit & vegetables in excellent quantity will undoubtedly aid. At the same time, testosterone-boosting foods like onion and also ginger is additionally beneficial.

Weight problems are one of the leading causes of inadequate testicular wellness. Some overweight men may likewise have droopy testicles. However, eating anti-obesity foods can go a long way. 

Do Vitamins Work To Grow Larger Balls?

Specific vitamins and minerals are advantageous for enhancing testosterone production but not enlarging your balls. Therefore, believing that vitamins can enlarge your balls is a typical error. Such two examples are:

Vitamin A

There is no scientific evidence that recommends Vitamin-A enhances testicle size.

But research studies have discovered that Vitamin-A enhances spermatogenesis – the process of sperm production in your testicles. In the absence of Vitamin-A, the body faces meiotic failure preventing the production of sperm.

Zinc For A Bigger Scrotum

Zinc is an essential mineral for a healthy and excellent testosterone booster. But similarly, no studies have shown any direct relationship between the balls’ size and zinc.

Supplements To Enhance Testicle Size Are Unproven

It’s most likely that you’ll stumble upon no shortage of supplements that assure to help make your testicles larger. But, none of these supplements have any kind of scientific or clinical support to their claim. 

Supplement regulation is covered under the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA). This regulation specifies that supplement suppliers can make any claims or put any type of ingredients they want in their supplements as long as they’re not deceptive, false, or unsafe.

Without FDA oversight, you need to rely on the manufacturer that they’re honest about their supplements.

There are no clear-cut means to understand if the supplements really work or not! However, there is always some risk involved for allergic reactions and other side effects from unknown ingredients.

Key Points To Improve Your Fertility

To be frank, you cannot get bigger balls than you naturally got, and it is not required also. What you should really want is to enhance fertility. So right here are some suggestions to assist enhance fertility instead:

Key Points To Improve Your Fertility

Stay fit: Regular exercise does well for your overall health. This includes improving your sperm quality.

Healthy diet: A diet plan abundant in antioxidants and vitamin C helps reduce reactive oxygen species (ROS) that can lower semen quality.

Lower stress: Tension releases cortisol in your body, which can reduce your testosterone. The more you relax, the higher your testosterone level.

Try leisure approaches like enjoying a hobby or paying attention to music, movie, sports, etc., to reduce your stress and anxiety.

Let your testicles hang: Your testicles hang for a reason. They require to stay loose and relaxed in a cold environment to maximize sperm production.

Use loose-fitting underwear as well as trousers to keep your testicles at an ideal temperature level.

Hang out outdoors: Sunlight exposes you to high quantities of vitamin D, which can help enhance testosterone.

Stay at least 15 minutes a day in the sun or consider taking vitamin D supplements.

Final Words!

You ought to stay clear of any type of exercises or supplements indicated to make your balls huge. You might end up hurting yourself and damaging your scrotum and testicles.

Instead, you try to keep your fertility in good shape, which sounds more realistic. So, make some lifestyle modifications as I described above.

But, visit a doctor if you’re worried that you have a problem, such as hypogonadism, that’s causing your balls to be overly small.

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