Do Females Prefer Length Or Width – Summary Of 2 Studies

For many years, this inquiry has haunted every man’s mind – do females prefer length or width? But, of course, in either of the two, the desired end result is a satisfied lady. 

Yet once again, why and what does a lady prefer? Another concern to question is whether a lady actually thinks about either of these two? 

Who would certainly want to leave a dissatisfied beauty in bed? Problems in bed can destroy even the happiest of affairs! Guys have actually been attempting to know whether they need to have a lengthy or girthy machine.

Although a man can’t change the size he got, it is a natural curiosity to know – am I okay, or not?

Remarkably, men seem to put far more focus on the penis dimensions than ladies do.

Obviously, when broach penis size comes up, individuals constantly talk about the length, and girth is commonly omitted.

Should not girth be just as important?

What do women truly desire? If the size of the gun truly matters, do they want a long slim gun, or a short fat one, or a mix of both?

Penis Length Versus Width

So what do they prefer? Length or width? Is the average size (length/girth) sufficient for ladies, or are they looking to get even more treasure for their bank? Let’s see what some studies show.

width vs length

Study By 

In their research study, 41 females saw penises made on a 3D printer. The size varied from 4 inches long and 2.5 inches in circumference to 8.5 inches long and 7 inches in circumference. They were asked to choose which of the 33 designs they would prefer for a one-time partner and which they would favor for a long-term relationship.

For one-night stands, ladies picked penis with a little bigger girth than a long-time partnership.

Interestingly, there was no difference in length between the penises they liked for one-time partners versus those they wanted for long-term companions.

But the preferred girth is only one-third to a half an inch thicker than the average width.

Study By

To gather opinions, questioned 100 women between the ages of 18 and 71 using SurveyMonkey, asking them all about penises and what matters most to every one of them. The study was sent through numerous social media networks, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

According to their clinical survey results, a monstrous 70% of ladies preferred girth to size. “What is size without adequate girth?” – The additional comment from participants! 

Only 18% of respondents claimed that length was most crucial to them. 

Courtesy: MensHealth.Com

So these studies reveal that women can more accurately recognize girth over length, recommending that they unconsciously pay more interest to it.

It appears that girth is more vital to females than length.

Fortunately, most women favor a penis that is very near the average size, squashing the idea that you need to have an enormous package to leave her completely satisfied. 

Why Do Females Prefer Girth Over The Length? 

Why Do Females Prefer Girth Over The Length

The clitoris of women is primarily internal, made up of erectile cells that surround the inside of the vagina.

When a female gets excited, the tissue becomes full of blood, comparable to the penis. The engorged cells surround the inside of the genital wall. When the penis applies stress to the erectile cells, it promotes the clitoral nerves, pleasuring the female.

It is no surprise that females favor girth – the thicker the penis, the even more excitement her clitoral erectile cells receives. As the penis moves in and out, the entire clitoral framework is moved and excited, enabling ladies to get to orgasm without actually touching the clitoris head.

The verdict is that – width is more vital than length.

A girthier penis offers much more stimulation than length alone. This is because most of the vaginas are just a few inches deep, elongating throughout the excitement. However, the majority of those nerve endings originate from the clitoral cells surrounding the vaginal canal.

So a tight penetration is much more pleasurable for women than a deep penetration! 

What Is The Average Penis Girth?

According to research done by the British Journal of Urology International, the average penis is simply over 5 inches long (5.16″), with a thickness of 4.59 inches.

I won’t say a single study on penis size can reflect the accurate picture because the penis size study is a bit complex analysis. But it will certainly give you some idea.

Average Penis Girth

So the study shows the average is much smaller than a lot of guys assume. Many guys have a wrong idea of how large their manhoods should be and become unhappy regarding being inadequate.

However, another study reveals the size that gives most satisfaction to women.

The study shows that the dimension that gives women the most pleasure is about 5.2 inches long and 4.6 inches thick. 

Interestingly, it is just equal to the average size obtained by the BJUI study. So if you’re stressed your package isn’t large enough, do not be!

What If It Is Too Thick

A thicker penis is relatively pleasant for female companions. Still, the more girth a penis has, the higher threat for tearing during sex. 

The male partner must remain extra cautious when going right into anal and oral sex with an additional thick penis as it can trigger discomfort or even injury to his female counterpart!

Final Words

The fact is that every man can not be the best and have a perfect penis. 

Having an ideal shapely figure for a woman is challenging, and similarly, it is difficult for a man to have a penis with perfect width and length!

I am guessing that most of you males are pondering to make it thicker, but we all understand that it is simply not possible!

Size isn’t everything. As long as you recognize precisely how to use your penises and provide their best efficiency, who cares if your pecker is thin or thick?

Proper positions and stamina are the keys, after all!

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