My Balls Hang Low – Why?

My balls hang low – is it normal? Absolutely yes! In most cases, your age and the weather condition play a vital role here. However, some men may have low-hanging scrotum naturally!

One of the extreme facts of aging is that body components begin to droop. 

In addition to typical areas, like the chin, chicks, or eyelids, most guys will observe that their balls start to hang a little lower than in their younger days. 

The testicles are oval-shaped glands that form part of the male anatomy. They rest inside a thin sack of skin called the scrotum.

As a person ages, the scrotum loses elasticity, and the effects of gravity begin to become more noticeable. 

In most cases, this is absolutely typical, says Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt, M.D. and urologist at Orlando Health.

But certain medical conditions can likewise cause the scrotum to appear droopy.

What Is A Low Hanging Scrotum?

As I said before, droopy testicles are an all-natural component of aging, and they do not necessarily suggest that there’s anything wrong with your scrotum or your testicles.

Though almost all guys see that their scrotum, or the balls-bag, starts to sag as they get older, this process could begin as early as your teen years. Whereas some youth may have naturally low-hanging scrotum than others.

Nevertheless, if your scrotum looks irregular or swollen, it’s best to follow up with your doctor. These might be indications of an underlying problem requiring treatment.

My Balls Hang Low – How Do I Know It was Normal?

Your testicles naturally hang far from your body to maintain your testicles at the right temperature for sperm production. While your body temperature commonly hovers around 98.6 °F, your testicles require to be a few levels cooler to sustain healthy and balanced sperm creation.

The cremaster muscle mass reflex controls just how close your testicles sit in connection to your groin area to maintain their temperature consistently. Your testicles naturally hang away from the body, but when it’s cool, the cremaster reflex pulls your testicles closer to your groin to maintain them warm. 

My Balls Hang Low – How Do I Know It was Normal

Your testicles likewise tend to relocate more closer to your body when you’re sexually excited, so they might look less droopy before or during sex – or when your penis is erected!

Some guys merely have lower-hanging testicles than others. Skin elasticity, which refers to your skin’s capability to stretch and also return to its normal state, differs extensively from one person to another. Skin additionally sheds elasticity as you age, causing wrinkles and, for lots of guys, droopy testicles.

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Signs Of A Healthy Scrotum

The scrotum (also known as balls) is your body’s sperm factory. During the age of puberty, your testicles begin storing and also making sperm, and they’ll make sperm 24/7 for the rest of your life. The sack that holds your testicles is called the scrotum – it’s your body’s automated sperm protection system.

So testicles have a great deal of job to do! They likewise make testosterone– the hormone that provides you face hair, larger muscle mass, a manly voice, and libido.

Also though we call them “balls,” testicles aren’t precisely rounded – they’re more oblong, like an egg. Often, one testicle hangs lower than the other, or one is a little bigger than the other one.

Scrotums are generally a little darker than the rest of your skin, however not always. Some guys’ scrotums are larger and hang lower, while others may sit up a little higher. 

Signs Of A Healthy Scrotum

Scrotums are usually cockled as well as covered with hair. In addition, many people have lots of tiny, painless bumps on their scrotum or penis shaft. These are called Fordyce spots – they’re absolutely regular and do not cause any kind of health problems.

Testicles and scrotums are delicate, so touching them delicately can really feel great. Lots of people like having their scrotum and also testicles touched during the sexual session.

Testicles are somewhat vulnerable. Striking, turning, or rough handling can harm a great deal. Protect your testicles with a jockstrap and guard when you’re playing sports.

Always pay good attention to your balls!

If you have a newly formed lump, pain, itching, bumps, or any other changes in your scrotum or testicles, visit a doctor, registered nurse, or your local Planned Parenthood Centre immediately. 

It could be a jock itch (a fungal infection), testicular torsion, or a sexually transmitted disease. And also, even though it’s rare, some may get testicular cancer – regardless of their age. 

Can I prevent My Balls From Sagging?

Drooping skin is a natural part of aging, and also, there’s no chance to totally prevent it. Even if you opt for a surgical procedure, the skin of your scrotum will ultimately begin to droop.

You can, nonetheless, decrease your skin’s general loss of flexibility by:

  • Consumption lots of water (about 64 ounces daily, depending upon your level of activity).
  • Routine exercise (about half an hour of light exercise daily).
  • Not smoking cigarettes.
  • Limiting your alcohol intake.
  • Moisturizing your skin with all-natural, odorless cream.
  • Get lots of vitamins A, E, B, and C in addition to sorbitol and also omega 3 fatty acids in your diet plan.

Keep in mind, your testicles need to be able to move closer to and farther away from your body, depending upon the temperature. Therefore, the skin of your scrotum will likely always be saggier than the remainder of your skin. You like it or not, it’s a vital feature of your scrotum that’s important to sperm production.

Exercise To Prevent Low Hanging Ball Sack

The net is full of suggestions and tricks to make your testicles less saggy. Most of these involve exercises, such as:

  • Holding your urethra muscular tissues while you takedown on your scrotum.
  • Lifting your scrotum up toward your belly.
  • Kegel workouts.

These workouts might seem like a straightforward solution, yet there’s no scientific proof that they work. Skin temperature level, cremaster, and also flexibility muscular tissue reflexes all add to the means your scrotum looks. Unfortunately, besides surgery, there’s no other way to deal with all of these factors.

Surgery For Saggy Balls

While droopy testicles are totally regular, some people do not like the look. In some cases, a treatment called scrotoplasty can assist. These procedures remove extra skin from your scrotum, which can help it show up much less droopy.

Scrotoplasty is generally an outpatient procedure, suggesting you can go home the day of the treatment. It only takes about 30 to 60 minutes to complete. After that, you’ll need a week to recuperate, though your scrotum might feel sore for numerous weeks after the surgical treatment.

Before deciding to do the procedure, make sure you have a reasonable understanding of the possible outcomes. However, while scrotoplasty can make your testicles look much less saggy, this effect typically subsides as you age.

If you’re considering having a scrotal decrease treatment, ensure you discover every one of your options by seeking advice from more than one specialist, preferably. You can bring this list from the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery to every examination to help guide your research study and keep track of various specialists.

When Are Saggy Balls A Problem?

Usually, low-hanging testicles aren’t troubles unless it affects your lifestyle. Too much sagging can make it hard to find clothes, rest, or perhaps going to the bathroom becomes difficult – Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt, M.D. and urologist at Orlando Health states.

“That stretching can ultimately cause discomfort,” he claims.

Often testicles may appear saggy due to clinical issues. If things look awry, go get checked out.

Low Hanging Scrotum – Some Quick Facts

In addition to workouts, several other tips are drifting around that may help to make your testicles less droopy:

ow Hanging Scrotum - Some Quick Facts

Putting on tight undergarments: This may make your testicles really feel much less saggy temporarily, but they’ll go back to their typical placement as quickly as you take off your underclothing.

Creams, oils, or lotions: These can all assist in moisturizing your skin as well as reduce down the loss of elasticity, but absolutely nothing can totally quit this procedure. Avoid any type of moisturizer that claims to make your testicles much less saggy.

Taking hormones or vitamins: Like creams, vitamins can help to reduce your skin’s loss of flexibility. Nonetheless, no vitamins or hormone boosts will reverse this procedure. So again, stay clear of any type of supplements or treatments that claim to deal with drooping testicles.

Masturbating much less: Masturbation and other sexual activities have no effect on the elasticity of your scrotum or the dimension of your testicles. In fact, having an erection can occasionally make your testicles look much less droopy.

Take Away

Unless medical issues, low-hanging balls are a part of your men’s life which is somewhat unavoidable. But to be frank – not all of us will face this issue.

If the saggy scrotum becomes a matter of discomfort for you, you can wear underwear for testicular support. However, if your balls are hanging very low, you can choose a surgical procedure, but of course, consult your doctor first.

Have Fun!

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