My Balls Hang Low – Why?

My Balls Hang Low

My balls hang low – is it normal? Absolutely yes! In most cases, your age and the weather condition play a vital role here. However, some men may have low-hanging scrotum naturally! One of the extreme facts of aging is that body components begin to droop.  In addition to typical areas, like the chin, chicks, … Read more

Having Big Testicles, The Upside and The Downside

Having big testicle issues

Genetically, some men have testicles larger than the average size. (I am not considering a medical condition, like any sudden change in adult men’s testicle size can be alarming and needs a doctor’s attention.) Here I am talking about natural and healthy giant balls. And having big testicles are quite common and pretty normal. Men … Read more

Does Testicle Size Matter? Know Important Facts

Does Testicle Size Matter

They’re kind of like snowflakes because no two of them are ever the same, according to researchers who have intensively studied sexual health. They’re generally oval-shaped, just like eggs, measuring just one cubic centimeter at birth. They begin to grow when boys turn approximately eight years old. Then, they don’t reach full maturity until puberty. … Read more